How Sweet: Dessert Date Ideas

By Dawn Papandrea

While most people automatically equate “dinner and a movie” with date night, that can get pricey, not to mention routine. Change things up by adding a little sweetness to your next impromptu date, by trying one of these fun — and inexpensive! — dessert date ideas…

Boardwalk eats and treats. If you live in close proximity to a boardwalk area, hop in the car and head out for a nice walk along the beach. Of course, if hunger strikes, you can stop along the way for some yummy beach desserts like funnel cakes, fudge, or fried Oreos.

Add some European flair to your date. Take advantage of lovely weather by having some great conversation under the stars at a cafe with outdoor seating. You can enjoy delectable Italian pastries and some cappuccino, while getting to know each other.

Bad weather = cozy evening. If it’s rainy or chilly, what better excuse than to enjoy some steamy hot chocolate, a slice of warm pie, or some other comforting dessert? Think about it: Isn’t hot cocoa by the fire the best part of a ski trip?

Go fruit picking. From spring through the fall, you could usually find an orchard that’s open for picking everything from berries, to peaches, to apples. Fill up a bushel or two, and then continue the date by baking up a delicious dessert together. Flirty flour fight is optional.

Go retro. Who says you have to live in the 50s to share a giant shake or banana split? Feel like a teenager in love, and order up the biggest ice cream dessert on the menu. And go for the hot fudge and sprinkles, too!

Try something trendy. There are actually lots of dessert-themed bars, restaurants, and cafes worth trying if you’ve both got a sweet tooth. Everything from Rice to Riches, which specializes in all kinds of rice puddings, to Max Brenner Chocolate  restaurant, to quaint little cookie and cupcake shops — give one a try.

Go on a quest. Determined to figure out where to get the best slice of cheesecake? Who makes the best cannoli? What cupcake flavor reigns supreme? Embrace your inner “Food Network” or “Travel Channel” host and make trying out different dessert venues a regular part of your dating routine.

Pack up a dessert picnic. You don’t always have to blow your diet if you’re going on a dessert date. Pick a nice afternoon to do something active together, and bring along a healthy dessert picnic complete with comfy blanket, fresh fruit, and a nice bottle of wine.

The best part of these dates, besides the sugary sweetness, is that they make a great addition to your dating repertoire without the hefty price tag.


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