Ladies: How to always be date ready

By Dawn Papandrea

You never know when an impromptu date might happen, especially if you’re a MeetMoi user always on the lookout for a great match. That’s why it’s important to keep your purse stocked with some essential items that will allow you to punch out of work, and head over to a nearby locale to meet for cocktails or coffee on the fly. The best part is by avoiding the stress of feeling unprepared, you’ll appear confident and carefree. And, since most of these items come in compact sizes, an average-sized bag — your favorite designer hobo, for instance — can stash your stuff without a problem.

Here’s what you need to take along…

A make-me-pretty kit. With short notice, you won’t have your entire makeup kit or hair products at your disposal, but you can still pull off an amazing look and make a great first impression with a few key items. Our picks: Lip gloss, your favorite eye shadow color, mascara, a compact to check your look, and body spray or a sample-sized perfume.

A first-kiss kit. Even if things don’t progress to smooch levels, you’ll likely be engrossed in some close up conversation, and you wouldn’t what you had for lunch to come back to haunt you. Always have on hand:  breath mints or gum, a disposable toothbrush, floss and/or toothpicks.

A just-in-case kit. We know beauty and fashion emergencies always seem to happen when they’re most inconvenient, like when you’re called into an unexpected client meeting or heading out to meet a hot date. If you don’t want to be caught looking disheveled, consider carrying: a laundry stain stick; some hand lotion, which can quickly tame frizzy hair and smooth rough hands; a hair clip, ponytail holder, or cute headband for restyling; cosmetics wipes to touch up makeup smears; and a tampon for, well, you know.

A keep-me-healthy kit.  If you’re prone to headaches, stomach issues, allergies, or any other health-related concerns, be sure to keep a small pill case with any necessary medicines on you at all times. Also a good idea: tissues! That way you can nip symptoms before they infringe upon your good time.

A get-out-of-date kit. Sometimes, things might not go as planned. Even worse, there’s always the slight chance that things can take a creepy turn for the worse. When meeting someone new, be sure to always have: a charged cell phone with the numbers of people who you could call in a pinch as well as  the number of a local cab service;  at least $20 in cash; a debit or credit card; and a metro card if you’re traveling via public transportation.

Once you stock your bag, be sure to keep replenishing items as you use them, and you’ll be ready to meet up with someone new any day of the week.


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