Impromptu date ideas: Date places for a NYC fashionista

MeetMoi is all about introducing you to new and interesting people nearby that you can meet up with in person. This is the second in a series of posts to give you hints on where to take your new Intro on an impromptu date. Get more ideas here.

By Brienne Walsh

Fashion isn’t necessarily reserved for girls, especially not in New York, where both men and women dress to impress, even when they’re leaving their apartments to  buy milk at the bodega around the corner.

Chances are that you’ve probably already encountered some fashionistas on MeetMoi. The next time you meet up with one, why not impress them by taking them on a date that is tailored to their interests? To help you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to people watch, buy, and window shop in New York.

1.     Window Shopping Up Madison Avenue: Meet a date at 57th street, and make your way up to 76th, where, if the stroll went well, you can have a classy (albeit expensive) drink at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle Hotel. On the way, marvel at the ball-gowns at Carolina Herrera, the watches at Vacheron Constantin, and the jewels at Fred Leighton, among other marvels. Even if you can’t afford to buy anything, the visual feast will be enough to satiate both of you.

2.     The Costume Institute At The MET: Currently showing “Prada and Schiaparelli: Impossible Conversations,” a show that visually compares work by two unique—and empowered—female designers, the Costume Institute never fails to put together great exhibitions. If you’re going with a date on a busy afternoon, we recommend you buy a membership to the museum. You’ll be able to skip the lines, and, if the date doesn’t work out, bring someone else in the future.

3.     Vintage Shopping in South Brooklyn: There are a ton of great places to vintage shop in Manhattan, especially in the East Village, but we think you can get the best finds in Brooklyn. The stores there are less trafficked, and often, more tastefully appointed. One of our favorites are 1 Of A Find in Prospect Heights, which carries both men and women’s clothing.

4.     A Trip To The Windows At Barney’s: Most of the department stores in New York have historically beautiful window displays, but Barney’s is the first to turn the method of exhibition into an art form. Starting in June, they will stage a window display works by five different artists whose pieces were commissioned by the creative director at Barney’s, and Dakis Joannou, the well-known Greek art collector. The details are a secret, but even the knowledge that it exists will be enough to impress your date.

5.     Shop At Pearl River Mart: Located on southern end of Broadway in Soho,  this department store features Asian goods, all offered at enticingly inexpensive prices. You can buy almost anything you can dream up there, including some has great (and kitschy) clothing for the fashionista with a quirky sense of style—kimonos, Hello Kitty slippers, and parasols, to name a few items.

6.     Walk Down Bleecker Street in the West Village: From Intermix to Marc by Marc Jacobs—which sells souvenirs and gifts for as little as $10—this notoriously famous street for shopping becomes more affordable the farther east it winds. Take a date there to buy a gift, an outfit for dancing or just to browse the music at Bleecker Street Records. And if she has a sweet tooth, we dare you to brave the lines at Magnolia Bakery, which is located right next to Marc Jacobs.

7.     Super Linda, Tribeca: A high end diner that specializes in food from South of the Border, Super Linda is what La Esquina was five years ago—the place to eat if you’re part of the fashion crowd. Take a date for a bite at the counter, and compete with each other who can spot the models, designers, and celebrities who frequent the joint at any given hour.

8.     Acme, NOHO: Located in a spot formerly occupied by a dive bar, this chic new restaurant has a famous chef imported all the way from Copenhagen. It was founded by Jean-Marc Houmard, the owner of the insider-favorite Indochine, and Jon Neidich, who was the manager at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel. Their guest lists combined makes for quite a well-dressed crowd.

9.     Duncan Quinn, NOLITA: Named after the designer himself, Duncan Quinn is a bespoke tailor for some of the most fashionable men in New York. Something of a modern day dandy, Quinn–and his employees—are happy to dish out advice about not only fashion, but also about grooming, cars, hunting, and living the high life, to any shopper who walks in the door.

10. ABC Carpet, Gramercy: Although ABC Carpet is better known for its home décor than its fashion offerings, the store contains a number of boutiques for clothing and jewelry designers on the first floor. Bring a date to browse, and then take her for a drink at ABC Kitchen, the Jean Jorges restaurant annexed next to the bazaar.


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