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Ladies: How to always be date ready

By Dawn Papandrea

You never know when an impromptu date might happen, especially if you’re a MeetMoi user always on the lookout for a great match. That’s why it’s important to keep your purse stocked with some essential items that will allow you to punch out of work, and head over to a nearby locale to meet for cocktails or coffee on the fly. The best part is by avoiding the stress of feeling unprepared, you’ll appear confident and carefree. And, since most of these items come in compact sizes, an average-sized bag — your favorite designer hobo, for instance — can stash your stuff without a problem.

Here’s what you need to take along…

A make-me-pretty kit. With short notice, you won’t have your entire makeup kit or hair products at your disposal, but you can still pull off an amazing look and make a great first impression with a few key items. Our picks: Lip gloss, your favorite eye shadow color, mascara, a compact to check your look, and body spray or a sample-sized perfume.

A first-kiss kit. Even if things don’t progress to smooch levels, you’ll likely be engrossed in some close up conversation, and you wouldn’t what you had for lunch to come back to haunt you. Always have on hand:  breath mints or gum, a disposable toothbrush, floss and/or toothpicks.

A just-in-case kit. We know beauty and fashion emergencies always seem to happen when they’re most inconvenient, like when you’re called into an unexpected client meeting or heading out to meet a hot date. If you don’t want to be caught looking disheveled, consider carrying: a laundry stain stick; some hand lotion, which can quickly tame frizzy hair and smooth rough hands; a hair clip, ponytail holder, or cute headband for restyling; cosmetics wipes to touch up makeup smears; and a tampon for, well, you know.

A keep-me-healthy kit.  If you’re prone to headaches, stomach issues, allergies, or any other health-related concerns, be sure to keep a small pill case with any necessary medicines on you at all times. Also a good idea: tissues! That way you can nip symptoms before they infringe upon your good time.

A get-out-of-date kit. Sometimes, things might not go as planned. Even worse, there’s always the slight chance that things can take a creepy turn for the worse. When meeting someone new, be sure to always have: a charged cell phone with the numbers of people who you could call in a pinch as well as  the number of a local cab service;  at least $20 in cash; a debit or credit card; and a metro card if you’re traveling via public transportation.

Once you stock your bag, be sure to keep replenishing items as you use them, and you’ll be ready to meet up with someone new any day of the week.


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Lucky you! How to juggle dating multiple people

By Brienne Walsh

If you’re a MeetMoi user, then chances are you’ve already run into issues dating multiple people at once. Because while one guy might have been really fun, he’s not free until next week, so what’s the harm in meeting the guy with the cute profile picture for a drink down the street…right?

Right. You’re single, you’re fun to date, and you don’t want to settle. In other words, you want to try all of the flavors at the ice cream store before you settle for a single flavor. Or, in your case, a few flavors that go well together, until you give up ice cream all together for one brownie who’s worth them all. And by brownie, we mean a guy who makes you blissfully happy.

Chances are, if the guy you’re dating is also on MeetMoi, then he’ll understand that he’s not your one and only…at least not until he proves himself. That being said, in order to avoid hard feelings, it’s good to follow a few golden rules.

1. Never Double Book

We all know how it goes. You made plans with that really fun guy a week in advance because your first date went really well, but this Ryan Reynolds look-alike just asked you if you’d like to meet for a drink a block from your apartment. So you do. Even though you know you only have 45-minutes left until you have to leave for dinner. Ryan Reynolds-esque turns out to be really charming, and thirty-five minutes into the date—and two glasses of wine later—you’re making out at the bar.

Fifteen minutes of that—trust me, he’s a really good kisser—and you realize that you’ll never make it to dinner on time. So you jump up abruptly, and leave him confused, thinking that you forgot you were supposed to go pick up your laundry. On the way down to your other date, the traffic is atrocious, so you arrive twenty minutes late. Fun guy is pissed. Ryan Reynolds is bewildered. You reach out to them the next day, and don’t hear a word back from either.

Because you pulled the classic dating mistake. You rushed out of one date, and were distracted on the next. You gave neither guy your full attention, and they, in turn, felt a subtle rejection. Even thought that was never your intention.

Even worse, you lied. Which is a terrible way to begin any relationship.

So what do you do the next time Ryan Reynolds asks you out on a date on the same night that you’re supposed to meet the only guy you know who will admit to loving Downton Abbey? You ask him to meet the following day. Because trust me, nothing good has ever come out of double booking an evening, especially in the world of dating.

2. Be Upfront…But Not Too Upfront

It goes without saying that if the guy you’re on a date with asks if you’re dating other people, you should be honest, and admit that you are. And hopefully, he’ll pay you the same courtesy by doing the same when you ask him.

But there’s no need to bring it up yourself. For instance, even if you want to talk about how weird the guy with the body odor and verbal diarrhea was that you were dating last week—because let’s be honest, the story about the gremlin figurines above his bed is pretty funny—the guy you’re sitting across from doesn’t want to hear about it. He’s in the ring competing for your heart, even if you never see each other again, and there’s nothing that scares a guy off more than listening to girls make fun of other contenders.

Because not only does it make you look bad, it also makes him change his behavior. He doesn’t want to be the next guy you make fun of on your next date, even if you love quirky guys—just not ones that love small stone monsters. So he begins to act like the guy he thinks you like, not the guy he actually is.

And the same goes for you. If the guy across from you starts talking about the other girls he’s dating, you start immediately making comparisons with yourself. “Am I as pretty as her?” You ask yourself. “Is she funnier than me?” And it ruins your ability to really be yourself.

The only time to be really upfront with someone is when you know you want to lock it down. You’ve been on ten dates with a guy, and you really like him. You want to stop dating other people. And, you want to know that he feels the same way. So you ask him to meet up with you, and you pop the question. “Are you dating other people?” And if he still says yes, it might be time for you to pull out your iPhone, and see if there’s someone logged in around the corner who might want to get a drink with you after dinner.

3. Settle Down With The One Who’s Worth It

A good man really is hard to find, so when you do meet someone special, don’t deny it. Women spending a lot of the time doing what they think they should do, rather than acting on how they feel, because in the past, when they go with their gut, they’ve been disappointed. But the thing is, that your gut usually is right. That guy you loved with all of your heart might not have been the man you married, but he will still an important relationship. You grew a little with him, and now that you’re older, and you’ve dated more people, you’re more capable of making a good, healthy decision when you choose someone else.

So when you meet a guy who makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the room, or who makes you laugh so hard that your sides hurt, ditch all of those other guys you’re dating. You don’t need a back-up plan. You don’t need an escape route. You need to give your heart to someone who moves you, and see where it takes you, even if it doesn’t work out. Loving someone, even fleetingly, is worth it every time.


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From the mouth of MeetMoi Interns: What your username says about you

by Mijon Zulu

When Juliet stood at her window, she did not say “Oh 33slush45, 33slush45, Where for art thou 33slush45”?  Right?  Right. For that reason, picking a username is something that you should not do under the influence of anything or while joking with your friends.

Bad usernames are something born out of the newness of the Internet and companies like AOL bringing chatting to the masses.  Yes, once upon a time I too made the mistake of using ‘nuvoyant17’.  Was I 17? No. Why nuvoyant? I used to take French and I thought that phrase meant ‘clear seeing’ or ‘clairvoyant’, but it actually reads ‘sees-naked’.  Oops! My bad.

Thankfully, at MeetMoi, we monitor usernames to prevent you from making the following mistakes.

  1. Random numbers and symbols
    1. As showcased by Juliet, this is simply boring, confusing, and not memorable.
  1. Nonsensical phrases, fake words, and/text language
    1. Examples include: ‘Waiting4U’, ‘CanUdoIt’, and ‘Onlyluv4U’ .  Usernames like these start to make other users wonder whether you can spell and that never something that you want to put in a potential significant other’s mind.
  1. Usernames from a Diane Steele book
    1. Yes, Diane Steele can write a good heart wrenching, depressing, sad, and inexplicably long novel about bad things that happen to good people. Great. Do you necessarily want to date all of that baggage? Hell no! So, before start trying to make people feel sorry for you, remember no one wants to date someone because they feel sorry for them.
  1. Putting anything sexual in your username.
    1. Guys, when you do this you sound like a predator.  No woman will trust that you aren’t just after a one night-or-shorter-stand.
    2. Girls, when you do this, yes, you show that you are liberated, but a guy may think twice before mentioning your username or you to his mother.  Remember, you do want to eventually meet his mother.

Also, because we love you, we interns promise to do some research on how to create acceptable usernames. Till then, watch out for the warning signs listed above.

Happy Meeting!

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May 21, 2012 · 4:54 pm

Best places for a quick lunch meet up in NYC

By Brienne Walsh

Lunch might be the ideal time to meet up from a date from MeetMoi. If the date is terrible, you can make the excuse that you have to get back to the office. But if it goes wonderfully, it can keep you smiling through the rest of the afternoon.

We’ve put together a list of spots in New York that are invisible to tourists, so that you don’t have to fight through a crowds to get a table during lunch.

1.     Peels, 325 Bowery, East Village: Peels is the most recent addition to a growing roster of chic restaurants and hotels on the Bowery. Just a few steps away from the posh—and over-hyped—Gemma, Peels has a gorgeous dining room on the second floor, which is decked out with fresh flowers and plenty of light. Have a longer lunch there, or grab a quick bite at the pastry counter downstairs.

2.     Bread, 20 Spring Street, Soho: Serving all manner of sandwiches, as well as delicious pasta, this restaurant is just far enough removed from the bustle on Broadway that it’s almost never crowded during lunch. If you can, try to grab a table at the front—the seats up there are lined with pillows, and on nice days, the large windows are open on the street.

3.     Bouchon Bakery, 10 Columbus Circle, Midtown West: Located on the third floor of the Time Warner Center, this spot is owned by Thomas Keller, the celebrity chef. Modeled on pastry shops in Paris, the seated dining area has a wonderful menu—try the tomato soup and grilled cheese if you can forgive the calories—but if you’re in a rush, you can always grab a sandwich at the take-out counter. If you have the time, take your meal out to Central Park, right across the street.

4.     Astra, 979 Third Avenue, Midtown East: Located on the 14th floor of the Decoration & Design Building, this Greek restaurant is the perfect place to take an artsy date. Grab a quick bite at the bar, and don’t miss the chance to look out the window—the space has incredible views of the Queensboro Bridge.

5.     Washington Square Diner, 150 West 4th Street, West Village: Although this might not be the most glamorous place to meet a date, the Washington Square Diner is everything you could ever want from an old school New York coffee shop. Serving, well, basically everything, the quick service makes for a perfect speed date.

6.     Nha Trang, 87 Baxter, Chinatown: If you work downtown, you know how difficult it can be to find a good meal, despite all of the options. Nha Trang, however, serves some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the city. Tucked away on Baxter Street, just South of Canal, the service is lightening fast, the prices are cheap, and the spring rolls, wrapped in lettuce leaves, are to die for.

7.     Café Orsay, 1057 Lexington, Upper East Side: Located on Lexington Avenue and 75th street, this French bistro will transport you to Paris from the moment you walk in the door. Meet for an espresso, a croquet madame, or, if you’re feeling naughty, a midday glass of red wine.

8.     Juliette, 135 N 5th Street, Williamsburg: Although the food is nothing to write home about, Juliette has a roof that overlooks bustling Bedford Avenue in the heart of Williamsburg. In the evening, it can get very crowded, but in the middle of the day, it’s pretty serene. The perfect place for a summertime lunchtime rendezvous.

9.     Dekalb Market, 138 Willoughby Street, Downtown Brooklyn: Located within walking distance of the madness on Fulton Street, as well as neighborhoods like Fort Greene and Dumbo, the Dekalb market consists of food vendors set up in shipping containers around an open courtyard. Serving some of the best food in the borough, grab a bite at one of the stalls, and eat with your date at a picnic table set up outdoors.

10. Half King, 505 West 23rd Street, Chelsea: Although the Half King is better known as a happy hour bar, it serves breakfast and lunch daily until 4pm. Located right in the heart of the gallery district, it’s very quiet in the hours before the drink specials begin. If you have a few minutes to kill after you pay your bill, walk up to the High Line, which hoovers over the back garden of the restaurant.

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Impromptu date ideas: Where to go with a sports nut in NYC

MeetMoi is all about introducing you to new and interesting people nearby that you can meet up with in person. This is the fourth in a series of posts to give you hints on where to take your new Intro on an impromptu date. Get more ideas here.

By Brienne Walsh

Even if you can’t name a single player on the Yankees—or have no idea who Jeremy Lin is—you can still have fun with on a date with the sports nut you just connected with on MeetMoi. We’ve put together a list of ten sports-centric spots in New York, ranging from bars to putting ranges, where even a couple with opposite interests could find something to bond over for an hour or two.

1.    The Windsor, 234 W. 4th Street, West Village: A gastro-pub with an interior designed by Ralph Lauren, the flat screen tvs showing sports of all varieties are merely backdrops in the space. Invite a Rangers fan to meet you there during the Stanley Cup finals, and then, while you enjoy a glass of sauvignon blanc, ask him to explain what’s going on in the game. If he refuses, concentrate on the food, which is delicious.

2.    Banter Bar, 132 Havermeyer Street, Williamsburg: Even a girl who doesn’t know a thing about soccer can find something to enjoy while watching a game. Because soccer player are, hands down, the hottest type of athletes. And so are some soccer fans, many of whom flock to this centrally located spot in Williamsburg to catch “football” games broadcast from Europe.

3.    Gleason’s Gym, 77 Front Street, Dumbo: Perhaps the most famous boxing gym in the city, this testosterone laden, sweaty joint is a sight every New Yorker should behold at least once. Although taking classes requires a monthly membership, watching training sessions taking place at the rings dotted around the loft space is completely free. Walk through the space with a date, and then, if you can still stomach it, enjoy an ice cream underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

4.    Mosholu Golf Course, 3700 Jerome Avenue, The Bronx: Located at the last stop on the 4 train, playing a round of golf on this course costs as little as $20 for residents of New York City, as long as they obtain a permit before. If you’re a golfer, challenge your date to a full game. Or if you’re just a beginner, ask for an impromptu lesson at the putting range on the course.

5.    Brother Jimmy’s, 1485 Second Avenue, Upper East Side: With locations all over the city—including in Union Square, Murray Hill, and the Upper West Side—this joint serves up Southern hospitality and heaps of BBQ. Known as the place to go to watch College Basketball, this is about as classic a sports bar as you can find in New York City. Even if you could care less about who wins, it’s fun to get swept up in the excitement during a big game.

6.    The Bounce Sporting Club, 55 West 21st Street, Flatiron: Filled with 30 state-of-the-art flat screen tvs, showing all manner of sporting events, this might be the kind of place you meet a sports nut only if you’re a fan yourself. Sleek and comfortable, the restaurant is open for lunch, but the dark ambiance makes it better for cozy evening meetings.

7.    Keyspan Park, Coney Island: Home to the Brooklyn Cyclones, the city’s finest minor league baseball team, the stadium is located right off the boardwalk in Coney Island. With views of the ocean—and very cheap seats—this is the perfect place to meet a date on a summer evening.

8.    Brooklyn Boulders, 575 Degraw Street, Park Slope: One of the largest indoor climbing spaces on the East Coast, Brooklyn Boulders boasts 22,000 square feet of climbing surface. Which means that there’s plenty of room for anyone who wants to climb, even beginners who can’t make it off the ground. Let your date spot you if he’s the expert—or impress him with your ability to scale the wall without his help.

9.    The Ainsworth, 122 West 26th Street, Chelsea: Not officially a sports bar, this restaurant nevertheless has flat screen TVs that show the biggest games taking place on any given evening. The TVs are discrete enough, however, that you can ignore them if you and your date decide that you’d rather just have a glass of wine, rather than bond over the Knicks.

10.  The Courtyard, 40-18 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside: Located in an old-school Irish neighborhood, this spot is a watering hole for locals and yuppies alike. Outfitted with a grill in the backyard, the bar serves up burgers and hot dogs in warm weather, making it the perfect spot for a laid back date during the baseball season.

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Impromptu date ideas: Where to take a music lover in NYC

MeetMoi is all about introducing you to new and interesting people nearby that you can meet up with in person. This is the third in a series of posts to give you hints on where to take your new Intro on an impromptu date. Get more ideas here.

By Brienne Walsh

From bars to concert halls to summer stages to the nearest subway station, there are hundreds of places to hear live music in New York. To narrow down your choices, we’ve picked ten places where you don’t need to pay for a ticket in advance to hear some of the best music the city has to offer. Perfect for an impromptu MeetMoi date, this list has something for every type of music lover.

1.    Barbes, 376 9th Street, Park Slope: This bar and performance space has live music every night of the week, beginning with a cocktail hour set from 5-7pm. Although a donation of $10 is strongly encouraged for performances, the venue is small enough that you can sit at the bar for a drink, and still be able to listen to the music. If you go, don’t miss Stephane Wrembel, the French virtuoso guitarist who wrote the theme song for Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” He plays at Barbes every Sunday night.

2.    Jules Bistro, 65 St. Mark’s Place, East Village: This old East Village stand-by is styled after the jazz clubs in Harlem in the 1950s, as well as classic street cafés in Paris. On any given night, you can stop by for a glass of red wine, and hear some of the best live music in the city.

3.    Manhattan Inn, 632 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint: Serving classic American bistro food along with cocktails, this restaurant features a grand piano in the back room. Underneath a crystal chandelier, local pianists play their oeuvre throughout brunch and dinner. Later in the evening, a DJ is brought in, and a dance party opens up in the back room.

4.    Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, 660 Fulton Street, Fort Greene: A neighborhood institution, this bar charges a $5 surcharge for music on the weekends—the rest of the time, the performances are free. Featuring the occasional jazz show, as well as DJs who spin classic hip hop, you’ll be lucky if you catch saxophone whiz, Lonnie Youngblood, who performs on rare Thursday nights. Both kitschy and classy, this is the perfect place to take a music lover who likes an eclectic mix.

5.    Starving Artist Café and Gallery, 249 City Island Avenue, City Island: Located on a bizarre—and kind of wonderful—seaside outpost in the Bronx, this coffee shop invites musicians of all types to come perform. Although they don’t charge a cover, they pass around a “music appreciation box” to guests seated at tables. The café proves that not all of the great live music venues are downtown and in Brooklyn.

6.    Opera on Tap, Freddy’s, 627 5th Avenue, Park Slope: With outlets in just about every city in the United States, this bar has live opera singers come perform for barflies one Sunday evening a month. By goading visitors to “get depressed, then medicate,” the organizers of the event show that there can be humor—and fun—in opera music, a medium that is not always appealing to young listeners.

7.    Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg: A stopping point on the way to fame for many indie rockers, bands perform every night of the week in the back room of this bar, which is located on a quiet residential street in Williamsburg. Featuring both drink specials and comfort food, the stage in the back room looks like the set for a vaudeville performance at a carnival, giving a twinge of nostalgic romance to the music played within.

8.    Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston, East Village: The backroom of this venue features live music performances, film screenings, and, according to the website “good times.” With shows ranging from blueglass to burlesque to funk to pop, on any given night—if you stick around for long enough—you’re bound to hear something you like. Bands either charge their own cover, or pass around a hat for tips; the bar itself doesn’t charge a dime to enter.

9.    The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Gowanus: Coverted from a 1920s warehouse, this space boasts 25 foot ceilings and great acoustics. Although the live music isn’t always free—a recent concert by Norah Jones, for instance, played to a sold out audience—many nights of the week, there’s no cover charge. If nothing else, you can visit the Gowanus Canal right down the street, which is very polluted, but makes for its own kind of visual music.

10.  Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, West Village: Attempting to serve as an asylum for artists and musicians alike, this venue has some of the best performances in the city. Although many require tickets, there are a variety of free events for members, as well as at least one night a week that’s open to the public, including the monthly party known as “Macaulay Culkin’s iPod,” in which a DJ spins tunes for dancing. Guests come dressed up in costumes—in May, the theme was Prom Night—but you can show up as is, and just enjoy the spectacle free of charge.

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From the mouth of MeetMoi interns: Gender Fail

by Mijon Zulu

From the walls of the swanky MeetMoi SoHo office, we interns live a privileged life.  We get treated to quick sightings of our favorite celebs – namely Gwyneth on the morning of the 2012 Met Gala, working with a great team of experts, the quintessential kickball game, and some rather peculiar user problems.

For example:

MeetMoi profile
Did you see it?

MeetMoi profile

Let me break it down:

  1. Man seeks woman.
  2. Man joins MeetMoi.
  3. Man enters search preferences.
  4. Man gets matched with a man because he put the genders in the wrong order.

Keep in mind ladies; you are totally guilty of this too!  It is so important that, in the least, the gender you seek and the gender that you are, are entered in the right order.  Otherwise, all your MeetMoi Intros will be unhappy, awkward mismatches.  So use the skills that helped you get further in school, work, and life in general.  Double check your forms and take a look at the finished product.

Happy Meeting!

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