Ten unconventional NYC impromptu date ideas

By Brienne Walsh

Meeting up with a new MeetMoi Intro can be a great opportunity to do things that you’ve always been interested in, but don’t really have the time—or courage—to try by yourself.

On your next MeetMoi date, rather than just connecting for a conversation, why not suggest something unconventional? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ten weird and wonderful ideas that we think make for great first date experiences.

1. A class at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center: Located in downtown Manhattan, this studio focuses on partner dancing, with classes in Swing, Fox Trot, Salsa, the Argentine Tango, and the Viennese Waltz, among many other traditions. Once a month, the company has a free introductory session for new members, to whom they also serve wine and cheese.

2. Rollerskating at RollerJam on Staten Island: Something of a disco party on wheels, this rink is open every Saturday night from 9-12pm for adults only. Maybe your latest Intro will impress with you with his Saturday Night Fever moves. More likely, you’ll both end up giggling on the floor. Either way, it will make for a fun, throw-back kind of evening.

3. A ride on Jane’s Carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge: A fully restored monument from 1922, this carousel is housed in a pavilion built by the famed French architect Jean Nouvel, making it the perfect diversion for a nostalgic architecture geek. Plus, there’s an ice cream stand just a few paces from the entrance.

4. A lecture At McNally Jackson: Located in the heart of Soho, this bookstore has some of the best literary programming in the city. From writing workshops to conversations with authors, events occur in the basement of the store every night of the week. Afterwards, grab a coffee in the café on the street level, and test your date’s intellectual mettle by discussing what you both thought about the lecture.

5. Trivia Night at Pacific Standard in Brooklyn: Hosted every Sunday night at 8pm, this trivia session is famous for being one of the most challenging in the city. Invite a date to be your teammate, and if you don’t win, at least the bar has a great selection of beers.

6. Life Drawing Class at Spring Studio: With lessons from morning through the evening, Spring Studio in downtown Manhattan is one of the best places to learn how to draw in the city. Completely open to all ability levels, it’s a great way to test out whether or not your date has an artistic side—or if he’s averse to naked figures.

7. An afternoon at Brooklyn Flea: There are myriad outdoor markets held in New York City during the weekends, but we think the best is Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. Full of delicious food stands renowned by foodies, vintage clothing booths, locally made crafts, and furniture vendors, the market is the perfect place to test out whether or not you and your date share similar taste.

8. A screening at the Film Society in Lincoln Center: There are so many great movie theaters in New York, but one of our favorites is located at Lincoln Center. Hosting screenings of both new releases and classic flicks, the center also features talks with filmmakers. Choose a movie you’ve never heard of, and ask a fellow cinephile on MeetMoi if they’d like to find out what it is with you on any given evening.

9. Take a course at LifeLabs: Offering expert courses on the “real stuff” that happens in life—including how to tune up your posture, and how to read people—this center is located in Greenpoint. Catch a last minute class with your newest Intro, or join them for one of LifeLabs’ adventures on the weekend, which include races through mud and rock skipping.

10. Ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram: If you live on the Upper East Side, then you’ve seen the tram float back and forth over the East River every day. Even so, we’d wager a bet you’ve never ridden it. Why not go sky high with an Intro one evening, when the sun is setting over the city? Nothing is more romantic, after all, than the way Manhattan lights up in the dark.



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  1. justin

    salut memoi cmt je peu fair pr trouvé les carte

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