How not to scare your new Intro

By Natasha Burton

Meeting up with a MeetMoi Intro for the first time is not the time to unload your life story, every weird thing you did in high school and your deepest, darkest secrets. While it’s always important to answer questions honestly and to be yourself, here are a few topics that you’ll want to steer clear of the very first time you meet someone.

1. Your desire to get married and have babies

If the conversation turns to the future, and you and your date enter into a more serious discussion to see if you’re compatible for a serious relationship, by all means put your life goals on the table. But don’t bring up marriage and kids unprompted. Ladies, no guy wants to know about your wedding boards on Pinterest. Guys, no woman wants to hear that you’re looking for the mother of your children after knowing her for 10 minutes.

2. Your bad relationship with your parents

Pretty much everyone has family issues—there really is no such thing as a “functional” family. That said, you might not want to tell your date about the screaming fight you had with your mom on the walk over to the coffee shop, or how your dad drained your college fund so he could buy himself a yacht. If you have a strained relationship with your parents and your date asks you about your folks, you can say that you’re not super close with them and change the subject to something else. Family issues run deep and they aren’t fodder for exploration with someone you barely know.

3. Your ex

While being open and honest about your relationship history is always a good thing, you don’t want to spend a first date dwelling on the past. It’s fine to mention that you have an ex or when you got out of your last relationship but going on a 15-minute tirade about what a jerk your last boyfriend or girlfriend was will only make your date wonder if the jerk was actually you.

4. Your eating disorder, DUI, etc.

Everyone has a past of some kind and some of us may have done things that have caused damage to ourselves or others. However, unless you are currently on parole or in treatment of some kind—making you obligated to share something like an addiction or a crime committed—you want to keep the rough parts of your past in the past on a first date. This isn’t so much about scaring your date off (though, it is to some extent), it’s more about protecting yourself. Wait until you can really trust someone before opening up about the parts your life that are private or messy—for your own sake.


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