The top ten most underrated date spots in New York

By Brienne Walsh

There are a thousand places to grab a drink in New York. Yet, when the time comes to choose a bar for a date, it’s almost impossible to remember the ones you really like. We’ve put together a list of hidden jewels, the types of spots that have the perfect combination of cool and not-too-crowded, so that you impress the dead ringer for Ryan Gosling you connect with on MeetMoi without a moment’s hesitation.

1.    Joneswood Foundry, 401 East 76th Street, Upper East Side

The Upper East Side isn’t usually associated with the word “cool,” but there are a bunch of great bars for the young professionals in the neighborhood. One such place is the Joneswood Foundry, a food driven pub that has an expansive bar, as well as views over a secret courtyard garden.

2.    The Tangled Vine, 434 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side

There are a plethora of loud bars geared towards college students and aging frat boys on the Upper West Side. What’s more difficult to find are reasonably priced, wine bars like the Tangled Vine. Located on a quiet corner on Amsterdam Avenue, it’s exactly the type of place you’d want to bring a sophisticated date.

3.    The Campbell Apartment, Grand Central, Midtown

Grand Central might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think “date spot.” But it houses the Campbell Apartment, a bar that was formerly the office and salon of 1920s mogul John W. Campbell. If nothing else, the gorgeous art deco interior is a great
conversation starter.

4.    Wine Bar, 65 Second Avenue, East Village

Don’t let the obvious name of this place fool you. It’s full of class, and usually not very crowded in the early evening. Featuring wines from Spain, Italy, and France, as well as a decent tapas menu, the spot is perfect for people watching in the summer time, when the
owners put café tables on the sidewalk.

5.    Gottino, 52 Greenwich Avenue, West Village

Located on a main strip in the West Village, this spot has a long bar and seating in the back. Although it gets crowded in the evening, it’s perfect for a post-dinner glass of wine.

6.    Elsa, 217 E 3rd St, East Village

Known for attracting literary types and artists, this romantic little spot is modeled after a speakeasy, and features bespoke cocktails with ingredients like lavender, honey, and egg.

7.    Weather Up, 159 Duane Street, Tribeca

Hidden on a quiet street in Tribeca, this expansive bar features exquisite cocktails and a small tasting menu by the chef of No. 7, a restaurant in Fort Greene. A satellite of a bar with the same name in Prospect Heights, Weather Up has the laid-back air of a Brooklyn joint in a downtown Manhattan location.

8.    Café Colette, 79 Berry Street, Williamsburg

You can’t walk farther than three feet in Williamsburg without running into a bar, but most of them are overrun with tourists and wannabe hipsters. Café Colette, located across the street from the enormously popular cocktail bar Hotel Delmano, is a classy—and much less crowded—alternative to other hip joints in the area.

9.    The Clover Club, 210 Smith Street, Cobble Hill

Once rumored to be a favorite of Lady Gaga, whose boyfriend lived in this well-heeled Brooklyn neighborhood, this bar features excellent cocktails, as well as cozy booths for intimate conversations.

10. Flatbush Barn, 76 Saint Marks Ave, Prospect Heights

Located right on the border between Prospect Heights and Park Slope, Flatbush Barn has a large outdoor garden, as well as an excellent bar menu, making it perfect spot for a casual summertime drink.



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